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The Alternative

Luke Lezon2 Comments
The Alternative

It's a new season.

Things are changing quickly. Lindsey and I are moving to Atlanta to join the leadership team at The Alternative. I've received a lot of questions from people asking me exactly what The Alternative is, so let me give a quick summary. The Alternative is a once a month worship gathering in Newnan, Georgia. Thousands of students from twenty-seven states, different denominations, backgrounds, and churches, gather together under one name, Jesus. There is nothing else like it.

As Lindsey and I take this step, we are both terrified and ecstatic. Those of you who have taken a similar step in faith are aware of that feeling! There are a lot of needs as we do this, none greater than prayer for our family if you would lift us up. That has been the backbone of this entire process. Also, allow me to be candid here. One of our goals is to get The Alternative fully funded. I am on my face everyday about that and I would love if you would join me. Pray for God's provision over that as well.

With all that being said, I'd like to extend this invitation to people living in the Atlanta area. If you are a pastor, business leader, entrepreneur, in entertainment, or interested in The Alternative and would like to grab coffee, talk about financial backing, or simply get to know one another, please email me. Maybe you don't live in the Atlanta area, but you're reading this and interested in helping, maybe you know someone that I should be making contact with. Let me know. I would love to get to know you, come and preach, and begin to plant ourselves in the community. If you aren't planted, you can't flourish.

 Also, and this can happen swiftly, if you would like to have me come preach at your church, organization, event, group, conference, etc. please shoot me an email -

I'll be in the area January 22nd to the 30th and permanently the week of February 12th.

We couldn't be more excited about this season, what God is doing, and continuing to live on mission building up God's Kingdom. All glory is His!


My wife is specifically interested in the food scene. Please submit all must-eat restaurants in the comments for her (pizza is her favorite).

Your friend,

- Luke